This weeks Life drawing

This weeks life class was great. The model was fantastic and the studio was practically empty. So no jostling for position.


nicolas bauduin said...

Your drawings are amazing !
I'm a big fan of your work !
I would like to give a try at watercolor myself and I was just wondering what kind of paper you're using for watercolor life sessions, and what size.
In my experience, cheap paper come in big sizes but doesn't support water so much, and watercolor paper is expensive. Any suggestion ?


Kristian said...

Merci Nicolas,
You are very kind.
I often use the cheaper paper. Simply because with Life drawing its a quick process So I tend to go through a lot of Paper. So cheaper is best suited for me. The paper will buckle if you add too much water.
Thanks again for the lovely comment
All the best

messytimbo said...

these are so great man.

I'd love to see all these water colours displayed somewhere. you need to sort out an exhibition for your paintings man

Dezem said...

Dude, I LOVE your art !
That painting of the lady looking over her right shoulder is something to behold :)
Mad talent.

Ken said...

Awesome mate. I've been doing a lot of life drawing recently and found myself trying to draw like you!